mission, vision & values


Provide mobility solutions, education and advocacy to children, teens, and adults with disabilities around the world so that they are equipped and empowered to live fulfilling, purposeful lives.

Our Vision

Our vision is to increase opportunities and participation in education, employment, and community in support of each recipient’s ability to live a more fulfilled life. 

Our Values

Global Mobility provides the highest, most responsible standard of care to the recipients of our mission...with respect and sensitivity to each person's gender, age, race and ethnicity, and individual beliefs.

We believe our mission will strengthen social justice and values in the countries we serve. All activities, decisions, and policies of Global Mobility were adopted and are conducted from a human rights perspective on behalf of the people we serve.

The leadership of our organization acknowledges a fiduciary responsibility to our supporters, and practices transparency, full disclosure, gratitude, and stewardship in each facet of our mission.Our organization is committed to the mindful application and conservation of resources through the use of upcycling and refurbishment, energy-conserving technologies and practices, and "green" efforts in each facet of our mission.

Why Wheelchairs?

Without mobility, a person is reliant on others to provide even the most basic care. This reliance creates and perpetuates a cycle of poverty, disempowerment, and misperception about the roles of children and adults with disabilities in society.

  •  It is widely estimated that more than ONE BILLION people currently experience disability. That is 1 in 7 people globally.

  • 70 MILLION people need a wheelchair – but only 5-15% of people have ACCESS to one.

Each wheelchair Global Mobility provides changes the life of a child or adult with a disability, as well as the lives of their family and even their community. The change is immediate and dramatic.

Learn how you can help us open the doors to independence, education, and self-empowerment for children and adults with disabilities!