Global Mobility USA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit humanitarian organization committed to serving the needs of persons with disabilities around the world who are in need of a free wheelchair or other mobility assistance.

What sets Global Mobility apart is our focus on providing appropriate wheelchairs that are well-designed and custom-fitted for each recipient’s individual needs.

We accomplish this through our in-country seating clinics, a wheelchair service led by volunteer physical therapists, occupational therapists, and trained seating technicians, whose help ensures compliance with internationally recognized CRPD standards. Another unique aspect of our seating clinics wheelchair service is training of the recipient’s support group in the proper use, care, and maintenance of their free wheelchair.  

The wheelchairs we provide are of the highest quality.

Many of these free wheelchairs have been previously used and are thoroughly and meticulously rehabbed by highly skilled technicians at our warehouse and refurbishing center. Others are manufactured at a low cost incorporating state-of-the-art engineering to produce a sturdy and reliable wheelchair suitable for the oftentimes-challenging terrain of developing countries. We provide a complete variety of free wheelchairs, including but not limited to standard wheelchairs, complex rehab wheelchairs, active wheelchairs, sports wheelchairs, and recliner wheelchairs for children, teens and adults.

Recognizing there are many within our own country who lack the means to secure free wheelchairs and other ambulatory equipment, we work through local strategic partners to address that domestic need.

Those partnerships include the Shriners Hospital for Children, the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, convalescent homes, churches and local missions.

Our global partners include Refugio de Esperanza/ Hope Haven International (Guatemala), the Da Nang Rehabilitation Hospital (Vietnam), Eldoret National Hospital (Kenya), PNG Assembly of Disabled Persons (PNG ADP) (Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands), and Ruedas para Humanidad (Mexico), as well as Operation USA, and Project Handclasp, a humanitarian program of the U. S. Navy.


Founded by David Richard in 2012, the primary focus of Global Mobility is to provide free wheelchairs to persons with disabilities around the world, primarily in, but not limited to, developing nations. Our outreach extends to those in need domestically as well.

In 1996 David founded Wheels for Humanity. Under his leadership that organization distributed and individually seated over 65,000 people with wheelchairs and other ambulatory aid in over 70 countries, including Guatemala, Mexico, Haiti, Mongolia, Ukraine, Vietnam, Jordan, and Zimbabwe.

Global Mobility continues to meet the global need for mobility solutions, with a particular focus on ensuring that persons with disabilities are properly matched and fitted for the wheelchair that best serves their need.