David's Blog

Greetings and welcome to my first-ever blog. l'm going to post updates in this space every once in a while to share the work I do and to enlist your suppoft and participation.

Over the last 20 years, I have overseen the delivery and fitting of more than 100,000 wheelchairs ro people with disabilities in 76 countries. In the past two years, since retiring from my previous organization, I am proud to say that I helped deliver and fit another 1500 wheelchairs to people with disabilities in five countries as a volunteer for several international organizations.

Now I am excited to tell you about a new chapter in my journey - GLOBAL MOBlLlTY. My new organization will provide durable medical and mobility equipment, education, and medical care to underserved populations in developing countries...but that's just the beginning. we are part of a worldwide movement to empower people with disabilities and to encourage their full participation in their communities. lt all starts with mobility.

At this moment Global Mobility has two containers of 200 wheelchairs en route to Africa - one for rne Democratic Republic of the Congo and one for Kenya. l'm looking forward to working in both countries this summer with our volunteer medical teams. We will also be working in Central and South America, in the Middle East and in Southeast Asia.

Global Mobility is about providing supplies and medical care but we also understand the importance of public policy and governmental support. ln mid-June l'm excited to be attending the annual Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) conference at the United Nations in New york. CRPD is an important program that encourages all nations to agree that difference is normal. lt mandates that countries provide basic civil rights to people with disabilities - already the Convention has been ratified by about 150 countries. (Sadly, the United States is not among the signatories.)

At the upcoming meetings we will discuss broader implementation of the CRPD and focus on many aspects of the evolving international I disability community - including, of course, basic mobility.

I thank you for joining me on this new journey and l'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

Welcome to Global Mobility!