The Facts

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1 BILLION - It is widely estimated that more than one billion people currently experience disability –that is 1 in 7 people globally.
70 MILLION People need a wheelchair...and only 5-15% of people even have ACCESS to one.
  • Global Mobility can implement projects quickly, within weeks of conception.

  • Our expert staff and volunteers have a strong history of multi-sector collaboration and extensive knowledge of the countries we serve.

  • We are a "people first" organization and culturally sensitive in all facets of our mission.

  • We are a non-denominational, non-partisan, non-political organization. As such, Global Mobility has the freedom and flexibility to partner with religious and non-religious organizations, and all types of non-profit organizations, NGOs, and public and private companies around the world.

  • Global Mobility believes that the personal empowerment of people with disabilities is equal in importance to the provision of wheelchairs and assistive devices.

  • In order to meet the need for appropriate wheelchairs in different geographic areas, Global Mobility partners with recognized world class wheelchair designers and leading technology engineers to continue developing appropriate "family" of active, pediatric, sports, and complex wheelchairs.